Geniocracy: Government of the People, for the People, by the Geniuses

22 Apr, 2008
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A review by Kathy Watterson

English Geniocracy 120 The New York Times reported in mid April that world food prices in many areas have soared as much as 40 percent in just the last two years alone. For tens of millions of people worldwide, this stark statistic makes the difference between getting by and watching their children die of hunger.

Meanwhile, ongoing wars cause large-scale suffering, displacement and death, yet the governments responsible continue to seek additional power, territory and scarce resources at any cost rather than strive for peace.

These conditions exist on a planetary basis because those governing us are either morally bankrupt, simply inept or both.

The solution is geniocracy: selective democracy that would put a college of geniuses in power, first in individual countries and later worldwide. Such collective governance by the best minds on Earth would eliminate war, poverty, exploitation and hunger by 1)ensuring fair distribution of existing resources and 2)finding new solutions.

We've tried all other forms of government and none of them has worked. Why not give geniocracy a try?

This brilliant book by Rael describes how a geniocractic system could be set up and how it would work, then shows how it could bring about the happy, war-free world we all yearn for.

Geniocracy would not only guarantee the basic necessities of life to every human on the planet, but enable them to live lives of fulfillment rather than lives of drudgery. Under geniocracy, scientific advances could be used only to improve people's lives and liberate them from tedious work. The work of geniuses would no longer be allowed to enrich huge corporations or create ever-more-potent weapons for the military.

Can you help? By reading this book, you'll be taking a step toward building the peaceful, happy planet Earth can soon be -- the world Rael knows is indeed possible through geniocracy.

(Available from and other bookstores: ISBN 294025219X)