Fight against AIDS could be won

24 Jul, 2007
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Using money wasted in illegal war

Condom2 The fourth annual International AIDS Society Conference has begun in Sydney and most of the participants believe that the global pandemic is now a beatable problem. For those who have access to antiretroviral drugs, the future is bright indeed, but they represent a mere 28% of the population infected by the HIV virus.
Also according to the UN, the number of people with HIV is expected to rise from around 40 million today to 60 million by 2015 and Aids has already killed 25 million people!
Dr Anthony Fauci, US President George W Bush's top adviser on HIV/Aids admitted today at the conference that the world is losing the battle against the virus despite the fact that our scientists know how to treat it.

Rael declared today after hearing Dr Fauci’s declaration:” This is another defeat of Georges Bush, which could have been won using the money wasted in the illegal war and occupation of Iraq.”

The World cannot keep the same model any longer. In today’s model, huge amounts of money are spent on wars to allegedly stop terrorism while it is a proven fact that terrorism has soared since the beginning of the war and at the same time there are millions of people dying because they cannot have access to the drug that would save them.

The Raelien philosophy brings very simple and powerful concepts like :” To save the life of one individual is more important than saving Humanity. In other words, if one is told to kill an individual so that its death will save Humanity, we shouldn’t kill that individual as if one agrees to kill one person, then one will find good reasons to kill two or to commit a genocide. If we apply this concept to today’s situation, we are all responsible for a double genocide, seeing this endless war absorb the money that would save millions.

To add to the scandalous situation, some scientists dare to propose to mutilate men and practice circumcision as a solution to reduce HIV infection. Isn’t the most insane proposal? The effective prevention strategies are well known: condoms and sterile syringes but certainly not mutilating. Would Dr Fauci propose soon to remove all the genitals in infected regions to be on a safe side? The whole situation is unbearable.

The World can win the fight if the US and other developed countries decide to send doctors, condoms, syringe and retroviral drugs to Africa and Asia instead of the usual military tanks, weapons and soldiers.