Enough With The PETA Animal Cruelty Fanatics

24 Jun, 2006
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they should focus on having no animal cruelty taking place

Labratrn Last week, nine AIDS activists from ACT UP Washington and ACT UP Golden Gate were arrested outside of the Animal Congress at the US Air arena in Prince Georges County, Maryland, while protesting the destruction of AIDS research facilities and other violent tactics which animal rights activists are using to obstruct AIDS research.

The Prophet RAEL made the following statement:

Aids activists protesting against the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) actions to slow down scientific researches by acting against the use of lab rats, are perfectly right: "Our lives are more important than a bunch of lab rats"...
It is also about time to counter-attack PETA for targeting celebrities using furs and other alleged "animal cruelties". Killing animals in a proper way is not cruelty. Making them suffer unnecessarily is cruelty and should be avoided.
The association for the protection of the ducks....

The association for the protection of the ducks and geese protests against any form of protection of the minks that are slaughtering in a yearly genocide thousands of their babies. Who will pretend that the baby ducks and geese are not very cute and deserve to be protected by a reduction in mink population?
Also the association for the protection of the cods is protesting against the action lead by Brigitte Bardot to stop the killing of baby seals, as seals are also responsible for a yearly genocide in the cod populations. Pretending that baby seals are cute is a form of animal racism, as a baby cod is also very cute according to baby cod mothers and fathers.
Also the association for the protection of baby krill (a small shrimp) is protesting the racist regulation that some people want to enforce to protect whales, which are responsible for a yearly genocide of billions of krill and their cute babies.
The association for the protection of salmons is also protesting against the PETA action to stop bear hunting in Canada to provide fur to the British royal guards. Bears are responsible of a yearly genocide of salmons.
If the PETA wants to protect the lab rats which are necessary for scientific researches, why doesn’t it also promote cat’s slaughtering? The association for the protection of mice and birds, protests against PETA racist action to protect only lab rats and do nothing to protect house mice and birds which are slaughtered with the highest cruelty possible, by cats. For those who have never witnessed a cat killing a mouse, it first plays for hours with its victim, covered of blood and suffering extreme pain, then at the end it may or may not eat it. That's real animal cruelty. What is the PETA doing against it? The association against cruelty against mice and birds should ask for the PETA to promote cats slaughtering before asking for the protection of lab rats.
Finally the association for the protection of wild grass is protesting the PETA actions to make dear hunting illegal. Every year a real genocide of grass is made by dear that devastate the young grass population. Protect the grass, hunt the dears, are shouting all pieces of grass...
So these animal rights activists should focus on one thing only, that no animal cruelty takes place, and not focus on the necessary killing, with the minimum possible suffering, of animals creating suffering to other species.