E.T. Embassy Day in the U.S.

06 Apr, 2015
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The Raelian Movement kicked off this year's International E.T.

ET_Emb_day_1.jpg The Raelian Movement kicked off this year's International E.T. Embassy Day with demonstrations and publicity events held all over the world. This is a very special day that the Raelian Movement created to promote the project of welcoming the Elohim back to Earth. It falls the day before the first Sunday in April; when the Elohim created the first humans thru genetic engineering. International E.T. Embassy Day urges all governments of the world to consider allowing an embassy to be built to welcome our creators from outer space so that they may share their advanced technology with mankind. Ideally, the embassy would be near Jerusalem where the Elohim originally set up their laboratories thousands of years ago but the Israeli government has turned down the request 7 times. Many other countries have been approached to have the privilege of being the host of this embassy. The very simple request is for approximately 5 square km of land on which to construct the embassy along with full extraterritoriality for it in the host country and a pre-established no-fly zone for the air space surrounding it, said Daniel Turcotte, the Raelian Movement's diplomatic agent for the E.T. Embassy Project. The day when this occurs will be an exciting time as humanity will receive the peaceful Elohim with love and be able to enjoy their advanced technology which will end our planetary crisis.

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The Elohim have been making themselves known to humanity for thousands of years through crop circles and most recently, an influx of thousands of UFO sightings. They are not invaders and want to be officially welcomed. It's time to acknowledge that and build an embassy to welcome them here officially on behalf of all humanity. The country granting the necessary extraterritoriality and authorization for the embassy to be built within its territory will not only benefit financially but will enjoy the protection of the Elohim. It will become the spiritual and scientific center of the planet for millennia to come and happiness will prevail within its borders.
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