Divorce Rate Rising

30 Aug, 2008
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I now pronounce you Divorced and Happy!

Divorce1Divorce for those over 60 in Britain has increased 35% in just one decade. One thing that is interesting here is the fact that people who used to be considered “seniors” and just waiting to die are taking life by the horns and living quite youthful and energetically. This is the generation who grew up in an era of rebellion and doing what they like instead of what society deemed correct. And even if they got married because of society’s norms, more and more are realizing they are not the “seniors” their parents were. They are living very active sexual lives as well as every other aspect of their lives.

Rael commented on this subject : “…a wonderful trend, as people want freedom and to enjoy new and exciting stimulation instead of a boring life with a boring partner just because the religious traditions say they should stay together forever even if they have nothing in common anymore and especially no sexual feeling. It's time to realize that sexuality helps staying young and can be enjoyed until the end even if you live more than 100 years. A non stimulating conservative Christian partner is the best way to become senile and see your brain shrink - while new stimulating sexual partners will keep you young forever in your brain, the only organ which can indeed stay young forever if you use it, thanks to neuroplasticity, the capacity that your brain has to create new connections and even to create new neurons”.

As Raelians, we do not support traditional marriage, esepecially the ownership associated to it. A piece of paper means nothing. If, however, you live with a partner freely and both of you are free to come and go as you wish, both partners (and more if you wish!) know at every moment that his or heer partner wishes to be with him or her out of love, not by obligation. This is much more beautiful than staying with someone because you promised to do so yesterday, 10, 20 or 50 years ago. And although Raelians shy away from traditional marriage, we do have a beautiful form of marriage in the Raelian Movement where each partner promises to stay with the other only as long as the love between the couple is alive – and to promise divorce as soon as the love fades so that they separate still respecting and loving each other fraternally.

More and more over 60 understand that maturity does not mean just sitting, playing Bridge and waiting to die. :-) This is yet another way in which traditional religion is dying since fewer people recognize those antiquated value systems. By the way…hehe…100, 200, 500 years ago, sure, 60 was indeed very old. But not today – not in this age of science which has more than doubled life expectancy and will soon triple, quadruple and eliminate death entirely!