Chinese pyramids adding to the numerous evidence that an advanced civilization existed on Earth more than 10,000 years ago

15 Aug, 2012
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History and Religion books need to be rewritten...


History and Religion books need to be rewritten...

Despite repeated accounts and rumors of large ancient pyramids in China, archaeologists and bureaucrats have long refused to acknowledge their presence. Their existence isn’t mentioned in Chinese schools and they are considered a state secret.

“The 100 white pyramids of China are indeed forbidden,” an anonymous source living near the area told a Raelian Guide.
“The structures are unknown to the public and may not be entered except by some Chinese scientists. Foreign archaeologists or scientists are prohibited to go near them, since they are primarily considered a national secret,” the source explained.

But the significance of the Chinese pyramids can’t be denied much longer.
“According to the few archeologists who have approached the site, these Chinese pyramids are located at the same latitude as the pyramids of Egypt,” she said. “And some walls of the 500-meter-high Pyramid of Uyghur are covered with words in a proto-Turk language. These are indications that these structures aren’t just tombs for the ancient kings of the region, as some people speculate, but much older structures that share a common origin with the world-famous pyramids of Egypt and Central America.”

According to Raelian philosophy, all human beings on Earth and all of its other life forms were created by highly advanced scientists from another planet known as the Elohim.

They used advanced genetic engineering techniques to create human beings in their own image, and they also helped our early ancestors by sharing some of their knowledge.
Whether the ability to build pyramids or other sophisticated structures was shared to our ancestors or not, everyone admits that they can hardly be duplicated with today's modern technology.

Incredible pyramids aren’t found only in Egypt and South America. New evidence today indicates their presence in various places in Asia, too, such as in China, Cambodia and underwater off the coast of Japan. In fact, there is a wide network of these exceptional stone monuments, all of which showing advanced knowledge of astronomy and engineering techniques. Some archeologists agree that they date back to 10,000 B.C., which indicates the presence in antiquity of a highly advanced civilization. While that civilization isn’t yet acknowledged by mainstream historians, the Raelian scriptures describe it extremely well! ( see
Other precision-engineered, ancient megalithic structures exist all over the planet.
Examples include:
Puma Punku in Peru, at a present-day altitude of nearly 13,000 feet, where perfectly cut gigantic blocks of 100 tons or more that once interlocked perfectly are strewn all about like a child’s blocks. And in the still-existing, enormous walls of the fortress of Sacsayhuaman near Cuzco, which so perplexed the Spaniards when they conquered Peru that they called it the work of the devil, you can hardly put a razor blade between the stones. It’s as though they were fused together in a molten state with a technology we don’t even have now. At Puma Punku, equally enormous stones were cut at perfect angles to interlock in complex, precision patterns, like modular furniture assembled from giant-size Lego blocks.
At Baalbek in Lebanon is the foundation of an enormous platform composed of perfectly aligned blocks weighing up to 800 tons. Awestruck Romans built a temple on top using much smaller stones, and despite their engineering prowess, their additions look childish compared to the phenomenal construction beneath. A 1,000-ton block, incredibly ancient and inexplicable even in terms of today’s technology, remains in a quarry nearby, rising partially out of the ground with perfectly straight edges. Several dozen tourists can assemble on top for photos.
And although mainstream scientists have come up with a variety of theories to explain how a multitude of one-ton to 15-ton blocks were used to construct the Great Pyramid in Egypt, they avoid the subject of the 70-ton granite monoliths positioned side by side in perfect alignment above the so-called “King's Chamber.”
Political and academic authorities attempt to hide, deny or rationalize away these structures that defy mainstream explanations and that’s understandable when we consider what their existence implies.

Acknowledging the presence, astounding sophistication and enormous age of these pyramids would mean rewriting human history.
More importantly, it means that all the religious books would need to be rewritten.

Opening China for more research will precipitate the end of all the monotheist religions, just as predicted by Rael, and nothing could make us happier!”