China's missile raises concerns

19 Jan, 2007
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The End of American and European World Domination

Aeolus Flight Oct03 200 The End of American and European World Domination
A Chinese Feng Yun 1C polar orbit weather satellite was destroyed by an anti-satellite system launched from or near China's Xichang Space Centre on January 11th according to the magazine American Aviation Week and Space Technology. While the technology is not new, it underlines the growing capabilities of China's armed forces. Japan has expressed concerns, as have the US and Australia.
(picture from ESA gallery)
Here is what Rael said regarding this matter today:

This is the beginning of a new era. Until now the Western world and especially the only remaining superpower, America, was able to dominate the whole world using satellites to pinpoint other countries’ defense system and guide missiles to destroy all communication, power, and headquarters systems. They did it in Yugoslavia and more recently in Iraq with a shocking imperialist pride and pretension to impose their values, abusing this technical superiority.
As well there are rules and international laws defining territorial airspaces, the same rules should be created for satellites. The sky over a nation should be considered national air space, not only in the atmosphere where airplanes are not allowed to fly without authorization, but also stratospheric space where satellites can spy and prepare, perform and guide aggressions against other countries.
It is time to enlarge the definition of airspace and violations of it like a few years ago when "national waters" were extended into the oceans.
Every military satellite spying in the sky of a sovereign nation should be forbidden, and each civilian satellite designed to fly over another country should get this nation’s authorization after being properly inspected to make sure that no civilian telecommunications satellite hides military devices...
This happened in the past where civilian aircrafts were equipped with military spying devices and you bet that the same will happen with satellites.
Every sovereign nation should also have the right to shut down any foreign satellite flying over its airspace or "illuminating" its air space using this wonderful new Chinese technology. It is time to end the US and Western World's airspace domination.
Let’s hope that the Chinese will provide to all dominated or threatened countries of the world this great non-violent defense technology, destroying equipment which is used to kill innocent civilians in bombings which are never "surgical" and kill and cripple scores of civilians which are poetically called collateral damage. All poor countries should get it, in Africa, South America, and all places which are threatened by the only remaining technical domination of the western rich world.
Of course dominant countries protest China’s success as they wish to keep their advantage to dominate the World. They protest against what? Against a successful technical achievement when the Chinese destroyed one of their old satellites... They didn’t attack anybody, just destroyed something belonging to them! And all the imperialist powers protest! Their funny protest is just about protesting the fact that ex-colonized countries can destroy the domination of the imperialist powers. The imperialist mentality at its worst... In other words "advanced scientific technology helping us to dominate the world should be our exclusivity"...But it’s nothing new: the US with 10,000 nuclear war heads each of them a 1,000 times more powerful than Hiroshima are worried when Iran or North Korea may be able to get only one... They should start to destroy their nuclear arsenal, and then they would be entitled to prevent others to get any.
Same with the satellites: the US has thousands of spying and military satellites but they are afraid that others will get them and especially afraid that China was successfully able to destroy one... Did you say double standard?
Peace in the world will only be possible if all nations destroy their weaponries and national armies. If not we are on the way to self-destruction...The clock is now 5 minutes to midnight...