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2019 Utah UFO Festival

02 Jul, 2019
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Once again this year, representatives of the U.S. Raelian Movement participated in the Utah UFO Festival held at the Three Peaks Recreational Area, 4 miles outside of Cedar City

This year's 4th Annual Utah UFO Festival took place in Cedar City, Utah on June 13th - 16th, and Riki Kline, Becki Lewis, and Rodrigo Hernandez Vazquez were all there to share the extraordinary Message to Humanity from our Creators-the Elohim-with all the participants. Our booth was highlighted by a large banner atop its canopy that read "Extraterrestrials Created All Life On Earth." Needless to say that this created curiosity and interest among many festival participants.

Videos and slides were shown on a gigantic outdoor screen, which participants comfortably viewed while seated on their portable camping chairs. Our booth was organized so that the public could walk in and view a series of ten poster-board exhibits that explained The Messages, the One Minute For Peace Campaign, and how to get more information - especially books - from The poster exhibits were explained by our team members as they accompanied visitors walking through the booth. Artwork for the banner and posters was created by our amazing artist, Claude.

Towards the end of their visit, guests were offered flyers and manga booklets, which many enthusiastically accepted. Visitors were given the possibility of staying in touch with us and receiving additional information by leaving their contact information, which some were happy to do.

During the "open microphone" session, festival participants were invited to tell about their personal UFO experiences. Some were quite amazing. Oftentimes, when nobody was speaking, a live band was playing great music. Vendors sold UFO related goods, food and drinks. Participants were able to camp for free in the adjacent campground area.

There were plenty of opportunities to network with speakers, organizers, and participants. Overall, it was a lot of fun and a great opportunity for spreading The Messages. We're all looking forward to doing this again next year! :-)

On the photo: Rodrigo, Becki, and Riki -- Attendees around a giant screen -- Riki speaking to a participant