Wafa Sultan Honorary Guide

16 Mar, 2006
 None    Asia


for her stand against primitive Muslim civilization

The Arab-American Psychologist Wafa Sultan from LA has been awarded the title of Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement for her strong stand regarding Muslim primitive civilization.
She explained in an interview aired on Al-Jazeera TV on February 21, 2006 that there is no clash of civilizations but a clash between the mentality of the middle ages and that of the 21st century, just like the Prophet Rael reinforced it in the text he published on February 6th, entitled “We must prevent a return to the Middle Age” where he declared: “The violent manifestations following the caricatures of a prophet constitute just one little detail which reveals another danger: that of our own modern values and freedom being destroyed by a domination-seeking and intolerant people, and ourselves being dragged back to the middle ages.”