Rael supports British ‘enjoy life without God’ campaign

15 Jan, 2009
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Nogod CampaignRael today announced his support for a controversial, £140,000 U.K. advertising campaign that features the slogan, “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

The four-week campaign, which has won kudos from the British Humanist Association and prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins, was launched January 7, with the slogan displayed on 800 trains and buses in England, Scotland and Wales. A few days later, 1,000 similar ads were introduced on the London Underground.

Rael congratulated those responsible for the ads and said they were a big step in the right direction – toward celebrating the joys of life without guilt, and without the crutch of a personal deity.

“With 65,000 members in 103 countries, the Raelian Movement is the No. 1 world organization proselytizing atheism and pleasure,” he said. “I want to add my support and that of Raelians worldwide for those spreading this wonderful message.”

Ariane Sherine, a comedy writer and the creative force behind the campaign, told The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, that the slogan conveys a positive message encouraging people to enjoy life rather than worry about what happens after death. She said she came up with the idea for the transport display ads after seeing Christian ads warning that non-believers will suffer eternal torment in hell.

She thought a message giving the other side of the argument should get fair and equal treatment so people could make up their own minds, and it worked. The number of donations received as a result of this atheist bus ad shows that there’s tremendous public support for it. The ‘enjoy life without a supernatural deity’ message is telling people it’s OK to express what they’ve basically known all along but were afraid to admit to.”
Let's celebrate!