Nicolosi's 'cure for homosexuality" is bad reprogramming

30 Apr, 2009
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An American psychologist by the name of Dr.

MexicolovernAn American psychologist by the name of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi is to speak soon at an event organized by the church group Anglican Mainstream in the UK. Why? He claims to have successfully treated homosexuality. In other words, he says he has helped many people to become heterosexual. He says that he has "increased their heterosexual potential" for 25 years and that he “offers a choice for people who were unhappy being gay”.

On the idea that homosexuality can be “cured”, Rael commented “This is so stupid! It's not “curing” anyone. It’s simply "reprogramming", or "reformatting" or "reeducation", and it's very similar to what was done by communist China against political dissidents by just making people accept what they don't like, by conforming them to a social model.”

Rael went on to say “As I have suggested before and what Raelians should promote is a sort of psychological "treatment" for Christians who are unhappy with their religion, and for sure at least 66 % of Christians would be "cured" - and in this case really cured because being Christian or a god believer is not genetic like homosexuality. (No one is born Christian. People are born gay, straight or bisexual) In fact this is what we do at Raelian seminars, help people to start reconditioning themselves to who they really are...”

The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) also responded to Dr. Nicolosi’s statements by saying there was “…no evidence this sort of treatment works, and that it was likely to even cause considerable distress in the individual”. An RCP spokesman said: "There is no sound scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be changed. Furthermore, so-called treatments of homosexuality create a setting in which prejudice and discrimination can flourish."

The good Dr. Nicolosi says that he offers a choice for people who were unhappy being gay. What is most interesting to ask here is to ask exactly why people are unhappy being gay? Is it that they don’t like the pleasure they receive and give? Certainly not. So why?