Raelians approve U.N Promotion of Extensive Sex Education

19 Sep, 2009
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A recent U.N.

EducationA recent U.N. Guideline is promoting the teaching of extensive sex education to children as young as 5 years old. Obviously a decision like this is causing a lot of controversy. :-)
It is important to note here that this report gives guidelines that were compiled by a team of experts, who reviewed more than 80 studies before reaching their conclusions.

According to a Sept. 10 article in Britain’s Daily Mail, the UNESCO draft report advocates teaching children about masturbation as well as about other sexual acts and orientations, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases. Further, it states that some of this instruction, including information about the pleasurable feelings obtained from self stimulation – is desirable as early as age 5.

By age 12, children should be learning about abortion and contraception issues, according to the report. Guidelines covering appropriate sex topics for four age groups are slated to reach authorities and education officials worldwide by the end of October.

Rael has been teaching this exact thing as a part of our philosophy since its inception in December of 1973. This precise advice of teaching children fully about sex was, in fact, given to us at that time by humanity's true Creators, the Elohim. There is more on this below but for now, let's look at the two main arguments against this U.N. decision - which we're sure you can pretty much already guess. ;-)