Happiness Academies

31 Jan, 2014


A place for meditation, laughter and true happiness

"'Having things', many houses, many cars, doesn’t bring happiness. 'Knowing things' doesn’t bring happiness either. You can be a billionaire, very rich, and still want to kill yourself. You can also be a doctor with a high diploma and scientific knowledge, and still want to kill yourself. Knowing and having don’t bring you happiness. What brings happiness is to be, to be! You reach that state of being through meditation. When you are, “you are”. In order to “be” you must stop thinking. Your mind is always worrying about things. The most beautiful teaching of the Elohim is not knowledge. Knowledge is beautiful, yes, we like it, but it’s not the number one.
The number one teaching is - how it can change our life to become happy. The Elohim gave us explanations on how they created us. It’s interesting, exciting, but it cannot change your life. What can change your life, is what you can change in your everyday behavior and thought. This knowledge is infinitely more powerful than the knowledge of scientific values.

Maitreya Rael, December 13, 2014-68aH

If you want to learn more about this unique teaching of our Creators the Elohim, you may want to join one of the Happiness academies that are offered on every continent at least once a year. For one week, you will experience the philosophy that our Creators shared with us, surrounded by like-minded people who have enough of the fake artificial life they live and who want to be guided only by pure sincere love and caring. A week of laughter, meditation, a week to share with others or to reflect on your self, a week just for you, for a renewed true happiness.

To find out the Happiness Academy that is best suited for you considering your agenda and location, please visit and get started with your life changing journey.