Booming nations threaten Earth, or do they?

13 Jan, 2006
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What is the price of our luxury?

China01 The Worldwatch Institute said the booming economies of China and India are "planetary powers that are shaping the global biosphere" and that the two countries' high economic growth hides a reality of severe pollution. It said the planet's resources could not keep pace with such growth. This US think-tank has warned, Earth lacks the water, energy and agricultural land to allow China and India to attain Western living standards…

The Prophet Rael made the following comments:

“Of course, a US report saying that the boom in development of poor countries threaten the other words "stay poor and underdeveloped so we can continue to waste energy in our luxurious way of life while you are starving " ...a great neo colonialist and imperialist message.
The right way would be to say: "in order to balance the pollution generated by poor countries having a wonderful booming development we, the rich countries, will invest heavily in clean energy technologies and reduce drastically our emissions, even if it means being a little poorer for a while, so the poor world can enjoy the economic boom and equal us in wealth, and then we will give away for free to developing countries the new clean technologies we will discover as a sign of humanitarian help."
But this is of course not the current message, which is "we want to stay the wealthier , the worst polluting civilization but you, underdeveloped countries, must stop developing and continue to starve so we can continue to enjoy our world domination and luxury."
Thankfully booming countries will only laugh at such advices and advance toward equaling the quality of life of the American citizens, and even surpassing it ! There are no reasons for Americans who are less than 5 % of the world population to be the wealthiest and the more powerful in the world. China and India together, are almost 40 % of the world population. If they apply the same technologies as USA they will for sure do better.
Then the occidental powers will have to show their true face: will they accept to be dominated by their former colonies ? Or will they again use military power domination to make the poor stay poor ? They may use the pretext of "spreading democracy" or "operation freedom"...Everything is good for them in order to keep their world domination...The coming years will be interesting to watch.