Ayaan Hirsi Ali new Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement.

06 Feb, 2006
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A strong advocate of the freedom of Muslim women

Ali The Prophet Rael awarded Ayaan Hirsi Ali the title of Honorary Guide last week. Born in Somalia, Ayaan Hirsi Ali left her country at 22 to escape from an arranged marriage. She found refuge in Netherlands where she adopted the local liberal values and even became an elected representative. Being a strong advocate of the freedom of Muslim women, against the Islamic doctrine, she became a target of Islamic groups and has now to hide and stay with body guards all the time. The movie director, Theo Van Gogh, who coauthored « Soumission » with her, was killed by this group on November 2004 and the Dutch Justice confirmed that she is under serious threat from that group.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, became a target because she apostatized: “I don’t believe in god since the 9/11 attack” she said. “In the eyes of the fundamentalists who are threatening me, this justifies my death. They say that I am insulting the Prophet, when I say that Islam oppresses women, they say that I collaborate with the enemies, that is to say, the non-Muslims.”

She said in an interview that the Prophet Mahomet is a terrorist and a pervert as he said that there is only one truth and in the name of this uniqueness, he destroyed the freedom of expression. "The Prophet Mahomet desired and took Zainab, the wife of his disciple whom he married saying he had the blessing of god for that; he fell in love with Aicha, the daughter of his best friend when she was 9 and refused to wait her puberty to marry her. He married her at 9, this is what is called pedophilia in Western countries. And today some Muslims men want to marry little girls. In Pakistan, it happens all the time."
Regarding terrorism, she added that in Netherlands, young Muslims, educated at good Universities, went on internet and were seduced by the fundamentalist message and its totalitarianism. “There are fascism seeds in the Islamic doctrine. Our choice is simple, either the European intellectuals have the courage to denounce the dogma and the doctrine of Islam, like their predecessors did for Christianity and Judaism, or they are prisoners of the idea that a minority must be tolerated and abandoned to its own destiny. If this last option wins, we will have more terrorist attacks and we will loose brilliant young minds taken by the totalitarian craziness.”
Raelians are proud to welcome Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a new Honorary Guide and are giving her their full support.