An open letter to President Trump

25 Dec, 2020
 None    North America

All UFO files held by various US government agencies should be released to the public


Dear Mr. President,

You have in recent days issued a number pardons, as many of your predecessors have done over the years. While these pardons are a welcome gift for those individuals, why not give a gift to all Americans, if not all people of the Earth, by ordering the release of all UFO files secretly held by various U.S. government agencies?

The U.S. Navy not too long ago released very explicit footage of “unknown” aircraft. And earlier this year, the Pentagon created a task force to investigate the UFOs that have been observed by U.S. Military aircraft. More and more people are convinced that “they are out there.”

According to recent reports, New York City UFO sightings in 2020 are up 283 percent from 2018!

The public needs to be told everything about this subject that is still being withheld by government agencies, even if they don’t know who is flying these craft and why their occupants are contacting us. Note: If they actually wanted to harm us, they would have done that a long time ago. (Given their vast technological superiority, there is nothing we could have done about it anyway!)

Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to fear these UFO occupants in any way. After you read this letter, you will understand why we’re convinced that the civilization visiting Earth does not, in any way, shape or form, constitute a threat to our security, our sovereignty, or our very existence. These are neither abductors nor invaders. In fact, the truth is exactly the opposite!

Thousands of years ago, these extraterrestrials came to Earth and scientifically engineered all forms of life, including human beings, whom they created in their own image. References to these scientists and their work can be found in the ancient texts of many cultures, but because of their highly advanced technology, our primitive ancestors mistook them for gods. These extraterrestrials are, in fact, our creators. In the ancient texts, they were referred to as the “Elohim,” which in the original Hebrew means “those who came from the sky,” but over time, that phrase was mistranslated as the singular word “God.” (Although an error, that is the translation still used in modern-day Bibles!)

In 1973, the Elohim physically contacted Rael and gave him a message for a two-fold mission: (1) to spread their peaceful and loving message for humanity throughout the world, and (2) to build an embassy that would officially welcome them back to Earth.

There have been more and more UFO sightings these past few decades. These were planned by the Elohim to open our minds to the idea of extraterrestrial life and the return of our parents from space. As was written a long time ago already: “There will be signs in the sky.”

The official welcoming of our extraterrestrial creators will ring in a new era for humanity, allowing us to inherit their advanced knowledge and making Earth a paradise for everyone. The country granting the necessary extraterritoriality and giving the authorization for that embassy to be built within its territory will not only benefit financially, but enjoy the protection of the Elohim. It will become the spiritual and scientific center of the planet for millennial to come!

In your long business and political career, you have always been known for speaking your mind, for not being afraid to “put things out there.” Only with your courage can these UFO files be released. After all, what greater hope could there be for this planet than for people to understand that we are not alone in this universe? Think of the incredible legacy you could create right now by revealing that reality!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Most respectfully,

Thomas Kaenzig
National Guide
US Raelian Movement