A cartoonist condemned to 6 months in jail in Greece

Gerhard Haderer, an Austrian cartoonist, has been condemned by a Greek court in Athens to 6 months in jail for one of his cartoon representing the life of Jesus.

A High tech center shuts down

Dublin's hi-tech research laboratory, Media Labs Europe, is to be shut down.

Rael gives his support to the Mayor of Istanbul, Turkey

RAEL gives his support to the Mayor of Istanbul, Mr.

Michael Newdow new honorary guide

Today RAEL nominated Michael Newdow as an honorary guide of our atheist organization for his commitment to remove any mention of god in the US public life.

The Swastika is a symbol of peace and non-violence

German politicians have called for Nazi symbols to be banned..

No exception to non-violence

The outgoing head of the US Department of Homeland Security has said today that torture may be used in certain cases in order to prevent a major loss of life.

Leon Ferrari new Honorary Guide

84 year old revolutionary Argentinean artist awarded Honorary Guide title..

About Prostitution

The Prophet speaks about Prostitution

Thai Prime Minister becomes Honorary Guide

Rael names Thaksin Shinawatra as an Honorary Priest of the International Raelian Movement..


In its campaign 2004 The Year of Atheism, launched by the Prophet RAEL on December 13th 2003, the Raelian Movement is discovering more and more that Americans do not agree with what George Bush tells us where he says war is unfortunate but necessary to rid the world of evil, implying that God approves of Americas policies in which thousands of innocent children are killed in Iraq, where the US and British soldiers are torturing Iraqis and where hundreds of US coffins are coming home all this while the people in Muslim countries are indoctrinating little children that Islam is the only true religion in order to retaliate.