Meditation to avoid heart break

Stress releases hormones that are toxic for the heart.

Cannabis allowed in Spain

Rael encourages the use of the plants created by the Elohim

Prophet Rael speech in Miami

Rael talks about love..

Rael to bestow Honorary Priest title to Ward Churchill

University of Colorado professor becomes Honorary Priest

Our support to Ward Churchill

Our support is sent today to Ward Churchill, a University of Colorado professor, who is under fire for saying that World Trade Center victims were not innocent and has refused to apologize for his remarks.

Cheap laptops for kids at school

Nicholas Negroponte, chairman and founder of MIT's Media Labs, says he is developing a laptop PC that will go on sale for less than one hundred dollars.

We are in an Elohimization process

The scientists of our planet are becoming Elohim..

Islamic Cyber Terrorists using local Orlando internet service for Worldwide Terror Campaign

Ricky Roehr, head of the US Raelian Movement has released the following statement: As reported Jan 31, The Raelian Movement's website ( was hacked twice in the last 5 days by Islamic cyber terrorists.

watch your thumbs ....

Could the use of gadget like Pocket PC that can do email, phone and games give you more arthritis?

Normalizing molecules

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh have found a molecule that triggers the start of puberty in children.