We are not meant to work

We have been created to live in pleasure so that we can create and blossom

Our support to the Carib Indians

Movies and media shouldn

Raelians Supports Cannabis Grandma

No plants created by Elohim*, that help us cure diseases, should be illegal.

Intelligent Design is a valid scientific theory

Raelian Ph.D. scientists are welcoming invitations to talk to students about this alternative theory.

Raelian poster enters two major Australian Art Collections

Debaptisation ceremonies with pope Alice, a piece of art and a lot of fun

Homosexuality is genetic

Gay penguins wont go straight

Meditation to avoid heart break

Stress releases hormones that are toxic for the heart.

Cannabis allowed in Spain

Rael encourages the use of the plants created by the Elohim

Prophet Rael speech in Miami

Rael talks about love..

Rael to bestow Honorary Priest title to Ward Churchill

University of Colorado professor becomes Honorary Priest