War Against Fear

We need a worldwide revolution to destroy people's fear

By 2080 it will be routine to download ones brain in a supercomputer.

The announcement of Rael confirmed by leading scientists.

Spielberg says extraterrestrials likely our friends

The first encounter between them and human beings is going to be friendly

Rael encourages Italian Raelians to vote yes at the upcoming referendum

It is important to support values of progress against traditionalist ones.

Atheistic Intelligent Design, a challenging and rational approach

Would the Kansas Board of Education consider it?

America's brain drain

A trend to encourage

A deformed baby develops to term

would an almighty god let it happen?

Stay healthy, be happy

First scientific demonstration of how positive emotions can affect our health

Swaziland king criticized for latest purchase

Isnt it a double standard considering the wealth of the Vatican?

Smoke signals, a modern communication tool?

Media are so happy to report it at length