The UN must be replaced by a neutral organization

Each nation should be entitled to a vote proportional to its population

Global Pollution Index to be Launched by RAEL at Convention in Switzerland

a working model for a Global Pollution Rating system which labels all products and services for their pollution impact

Rael meets Shoukichi Kina in Tokyo

A peace concert scheduled in Hiroshima in August next year

Rael's Prayer For George Bush

Instead of attacking, he should declare a national day of prayer

Why is Israel Bulldozing Houses ?

Try to imagine all houses left intact with a message of love ...

Ninety nine people killed in Baghdad

Western media are still debatring on THE London bombing

The Raelian Movement Names Rosie O Donnell as an Honorary Guide

Rael said: "I would be honored to perform the wedding ceremony for Miss O'Donnell

Dr. Venter is moving from reading the genetic code to writing it.

This is level 1 of the elohimization process announced by RAEL 32 years ago!

About Social Conformity

What Other People Say May Change What You See

About psychiatry

Humanity needs abnormality as it is the most beautiful expression of difference.