Raelians celebrate International Peace Day across the US

Last Sunday was International Peace Day and Raelians held One Minute for Peace Meditations in cities across the globe following Maitreya Rael's recent address explaining that meditating for peace is the only chance for the planet to survive.

International Day of Peace in Canada: Let’s meditate one minute for peace!

On September 21 the Raelians of Canada supported the "International Day of Peace" from coast to coast by asking people to "Meditate with us One minute for Peace" as launched two years ago by Maitreya Rael.

GoTopless Day 2014 in Canada – To liberate women from old taboos!

From Sylvie Chabot, coordinator for GoTopless in Canada

A unique afternoon in the streets of Toronto, a robot talks about Paradism!

What a frenzy around Sico, this friendly robot that helped spreading a new approach to solve our future ...

Swastika Rehabilitation Week in Canada

Events were held all week on all continents in support of this precious cause in the eyes of Raelians who wish to change the opinion in Western countries about this symbol that has been around for thousands of years.

Campaign for the Rehabilitation of the Swastika Continues

For several years, Raelians have been campaigning for the reeducation regarding the swastika - a symbol which, for the West, largely holds only one meaning while for the East it has a very, very different meaning.

Raelian Guide Negar in support of "Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian women"

While the Hollywood propaganda machine is portraying the future of my hometown, Tehran, the capital city of Iran, as even more primitive than what my parents’ generation experienced in a new movie filled with lots of nonsense and lies, another campaign against the forced hijab has started among Iranian women and men of all ages!

Rael to pope Francis: No need to baptize 'aliens', they are the gods of the Bible

In a recent sermon, Pope Francis said he would happily welcome aliens in the Vatican and baptize them if they wanted to join his flock.

The Raelian Movement “moves” in Cambodia

Dan Thibault, National Guide for Cambodia, tells us about his most recent trip:

First symposium on genital reconstruction, in Montreal: a moving and informative event full of hope

On Sunday, February 23, around one hundred people gathered for this heartfelt appeal organized by Clitoraid, Canada; an intimate conversation on a topic still taboo for some, while almost unknown for many others.