A peaceful vigil in support of indigenous women

November 25 was designated the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women", as proclaimed by the UN in 1999.

Gotopless Canada

Under the sign of gender equality was held the 8th edition of this international event during which women organize topless protests around the world to claim the right to be topless in public where it is permitted for men.

Message of the Elohim on the 6th of August 70AH to the Jewish people

I Yahweh, through the mouth of my son and Prophet Rael, am addressing this message to the Jewish People.

E.T. Embassy Day in the U.S.

The Raelian Movement kicked off this year's International E.T.

Femininity Day

This year Raelians across the world celebrated International Femininity Day by once again reiterating the teachings of Rael and the importance of bringing forth feminine qualities to attain peace on this planet.

Raelians applaud court decision allowing depiction of the devil

Following the Satanic Temple's receiving permission from a Florida court to erect a Satanic display in Miami over this Christmas season, the International Raelian Movement is sending its support to the Satanic Temple as well as the Florida court which has allowed the display.

The Raelian philosophy presented at Ignite Phoenix

Ignite Phoenix After Hours is a first class non-profit organization that welcomes many new and different ideas.

The Canadian Happiness Academy 69aH: an experience of spiritual nourishment!

In the beautiful landscape of the Eastern Townships no less than one hundred and fifty Raelians and supporters gathered for the long weekend of Thanksgiving at the Auberge du Manoir des Sables, offering a wonderful view on the impressive ski hill of Mont Orford.

Raelians visit the Montreal Comiccon 2014

The superheroes of small and big screen fascinate and entertain millions of people around the world eager for extraordinary adventures.

Presentation on Paradism at the University of Toronto

On September 27, the Paradism concept was presented at the University of Toronto.