About Prostitution

09 Jan, 2005
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The Prophet speaks about Prostitution

thumb_prostitute_old.jpgThe following question was asked to the Prophet RAEL: Is prostitution a good and positive thing with no detriment to anyone involved? Here is His answer: Regarding this subject we are not here to create a morality police like in muslim countries and invade private lives of people. Some people prostitute their brain as intellectual workers, or their hands as factory workers, and it is all prostitution. As long as money exists there will be people doing things for money.
They can do it working with their hands, brain, sex or singing, as long as they do it for money it is prostitution. We just can hope that one day money will disappear like in the Elohim society where people do things only for pleasure. (Even in this case some people continue to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"prostitute\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" some parts of themselves in order to learn things...for instance some girls may want to be close to a higher spiritual or artistic teacher and learn from him in exchange for some sexual moments of pleasure...without any money involved!) Selling your sex for money is not worse than selling any other part of your body, including your brain. Some societies criminalize the sexual part because they were shaped by Judeo Islamic Christian values which describe sex as bad. I prefer to see a girl selling her body for sex than a scientist selling his brain to the weapons industry which will use his knowledge to kill millions of people. Sex (with protection of course) never intends to kill anybody. So, yes, in an ideal society prostitution may be wrong, which means selling any part of our body including the mind, or hands, or voice for money ... but in our world it�s up to each person to decide what they want to sell or not. I personally know a female philosophy teacher who prostitutes herself and enjoys it... because like that, working one night a week she can enjoy life more than teaching stupid children who do not care about philosophy 5 days a week for a very low salary. Of course, the dream is to help women do something they like and escape prostitution if they have a higher dream...( and if they don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t enjoy prostitution, because some women do, loving the thrill of it...even if they are a minority...For instance there are some clubs in Paris where rich women prostitute themselves just for the thrill of it!!) and can afford it. But even if we recommend to them to do something \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"better\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"...(it�s not better for my philosophy teacher friend!) we must let everybody be free to live their life the way they want. Freedom is the key. But of course, whenever a woman (or a man) is victimized and forced into prostitution against her will by pimps, gangsters or criminal prostitution networks, we must fight it and protect the victims. But as long as it is the free will of adults and independent people we must respect their freedom to make money the way they want to. I want to add another kind of prostitution which is well accepted both morally and socially: women getting married with rich men only for the money. They can even have children with this rich husband (or a secret beautiful lover as we saw in this scientific document during the seminar!) and selected him for his wealth in order to give a beautiful future to her children. But this is also prostitution! And it is done everyday and well respected by everybody. Even kings used to marry princesses from surrounding kingdoms in order to create more powerfull alliances... When you have sex in order to get anything in exchange it is prostitution. Even if in exchange you get the comfort of being the wife of a wealthy person. And beside marriages, so many women are just making a living being mistresses of wealthy men. And we can also talk about Muslim people having as many wives as they can afford to support financially... So what is not prostitution? Doing something you love without expecting anything in return. We all should do what we really like as jobs and that will come one day. So the advice I always give to girls being in prostitution or working in clubs is: do you do what you really like? If not, please change. But I would give exactly the same advice to people working in a factory ! And it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s much better for a woman like my philosophy teacher friend, to prostitute herself once a week in a luxurious condo than dancing 5 days a week in a smoky club full of drugs and violence. I always push girls dancing in this kind of club to find another job because they are damaging their genetic code, not because of sexual activity but because of the smoke, drugs and alcohol. But it would be exactly the same advice for a girl working in a factory full of smoke and dangerous pollutants. It is not about the sex. One more time, our body cannot be separated in pure and unpure parts. Catholic people teach that, the sex being for them dirty, the mind being pure, which is very stupid. Some people are lucky enough to have the privilege of doing as a job what is their passion. That should be the privilege of everybody. And we must also remember, even if they are a small minority that some women love and enjoy prostitution. And that there were even some religions which had what they called \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"holy prostitutes\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"... We must always remember the basic principles of Elohim\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s teaching: do whatever you like as long as you don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t hurt or kill anybody, including yourself and use your life to improve the level of love, science, consciousness and happiness on this planet. Can a prostitute improve the level of love, science, consciousness and happiness on this planet? Certainly it is possible. Can a non-prostitute, monogamous, traditional Catholic woman damage the level of love, science, consciousness and happiness on this planet: certainly yes also... So it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s definitely not which part of your body you use for a living which will be the factor of deserving to have eternal life but what effect your actions have on improving the well being of humanity.