About Bush wanting to keep America safe

08 Feb, 2007
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The only way to save the world is non-violence

Homelandsecurity Rn Democrats from the US House of Representatives have opposed President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq. In a recent speech US President George W Bush had told his Democratic opponents that he welcomes debate on the Iraq war saying that they share a common goal that is to keep America safe.

RAEL made the following statement regarding his speech:

So Bush wants to keep America safe? Illegal invasions and occupations of other countries do exactly the opposite. Now, thanks to Bush, the USA have a very strict border control and home security apparatus...do they doubt so much the efficiency of this system which was used to reduce dramatically the freedom of US citizens to the point where they also need to illegally invade and occupy other countries ?
All of this started with the attacks of September 11. It’s always necessary to remember clearly what happened on this dramatic day of 2001 to fully understand the problem: a handful of terrorists used cutters to take control of airliners and crash them into the twin towers which then collapsed. That was not a foreign country attack by a hostile army. Just less than 10 people with cutters... And for that, reacting only with pure negative emotions out of vengeance and absolutely no rationality, Georges Bush decided to use the huge American military power to attack and occupy illegally Afghanistan, which army and government was never involved in the twin towers’ attacks, then Iraq, lying by claiming that this country had "weapons of mass destruction".

All of this to allegedly "make America and the middle east safer"...

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that the Middle East not only isn’t safer than before the US invasions, but a much more dangerous place. Both in Afghanistan and Iraq, security is at an all time low.
Bush wanted to "pacify the whole Middle East and solve forever the Palestinian problem"... the result of his criminal policies is that now not only the two invaded countries, Afghanistan and Iraq are more dangerous than ever, not only Palestine is more dangerous than ever, but new countries which were starting to enjoy peace after long deadly civil wars like Lebanon and Somalia are becoming also more dangerous than ever. And that’s just the beginning...
America had never ever been hated by so many people on earth. More than 80 countries on earth are now considered dangerous for American tourists... while before Bush, American were admired and welcomed in almost all the world.
Had Georges Bush opted for a non-emotional, non-violent reaction to September 11, using diplomacy instead of military power. Reacting to September 11 which was only a crime committed by individuals as if it was a military attack by a foreign country was THE mistake committed knowingly by a criminal. Georges Bush, who just wanted to become the superhero changing the world forever...
September 11 was an attack committed by less than 10 criminals equipped with cutters...it was not a military problem but a police problem. After a criminal bombed a building a few years before in Oklahoma City, the US government did not invade any country but gave the police and Justice the authority to solve the problem, find the criminal and judge him. It should have been the same after September 11. Even if the handful of criminals involved had connections in foreign countries, if was just a matter of police and justice, using interpol, economic sanctions and other non-violent actions to catch the criminals. But Bush opted for violence, his megalomaniac ego wishing to be remembered as a "super hero fighting for the axis of good versus the axis of evil ", and even claiming that "god was talking to him" and inventing this stupid concept of "war on terror"...as if "terror" was an army...There is no such thing. It’s pure invention and lie to play on public negative emotions and justify criminal policies.
Now, what is the result of this paranoid delirium? Did this policy make the world a safer place with less people willing to become terrorists?
It is not even necessary to answer to these questions; the facts speak by themselves...
Everyday hundreds of Muslims in Middle Eastern countries are killed by American soldiers, thousands are humiliated by the same soldiers, and millions in other Muslim countries are humiliated by what happens to the people of the illegally occupied countries without talking of the concentration camp of Guantanamo.
Not only Iraq and Afghanistan are becoming new Vietnam, but they are the place where more and more people are willing one day to hurt America. The people killed, maimed or humiliated daily by American occupiers, will forever hate America and will try to have revenge.
Middle Eastern people have a very special sense of honor and family. A population killing their daughters just because they have kissed a non-Muslim guy, performing what is called "honor killing" don’t give the same meaning to honor and revenge as Western people. It can survive centuries and pass on from generation to generation. You can see it between Shiites and Sunnies...brothers in Islam but still enemies... And that’s what America had become for them thanks to Georges Bush’s policy...all these people who lost a member of their families because of American invasion, have been maimed or tortured or imprisoned, or have been humiliated in any way directly or indirectly will hate America forever and look for revenge. It means that even if the criminal invasion and occupation of these countries stop, the police control of American borders will remain very tight trying to avoid revenge acts of terrorist willing to pay back for example the loss of a brother or father in the hands of American soldiers...
If the war on terror never existed, the war of individual terrorists will take a very long time to end. All is needed is an individual motivated by revenge and hatred, taking an airplane ticket with a tourist visa and looking for a way to harm America... and that’s impossible to avoid even with the tightest border controls.
We just have to hope that no more US president will use these crimes, which are a matter of police, to justify illegal invasions and illegal occupations of other countries creating more hatred in a vicious circle of revenge and vendettas.

The only way to save the world is non-violence. As the Bible says: “the one who makes a living by the sword will die by the sword”... This planet needs more Gandhis and no more Bushes...And it will take them a very long time to heal the wounds created by Bush.
We also have to hope that before his mandate ends, he doesn’t make things worst by invading Iran using one more lie about Iran nuclear capabilities.
...His crazy Christian fundamentalist supporters and advisors are pushing for it hoping that it will create a nuclear conflict and that this will trigger Armageddon and the "return of Jesus" while crazy Muslim fundamentalist in Iran hope for the same thing believing that this will bring the end of the world and that the Meddhi, the equivalent of a messiah for them, will appear to force the whole world to become Muslim...

Wow...we really need more psychiatrists checking the mental health of presidential candidates before they postulate.

The frightening thing is that this attack of Iran may already be in preparation, as the increase of the number of American soldiers in Iraq has already started under the pretext of solving the "insurgency problem", more US ships are moving toward the Persian gulf and top ex US general are publicly warning Bush that attacking Iran would be a "terrible mistake"...