About believing and spirituality

26 Dec, 2009
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In this season of strange beliefs, here are a few words of Rael taken from notes while he was explaining some aspects of the Raelian philosophy...


In this season of strange beliefs, here are a few words of Rael taken from notes while he was explaining some aspects of the Raelian philosophy... Happy Saturnalia to everyone!

About believing
To believe is a thing of the past. Do not believe anymore, but understand and use your brain. Use science. Believing leads to a Santa Claus story or to viewing Earth as the center of the universe.
You can believe in any stupid thing; you have the freedom to do that. But don't try to make it scientifically plausible.
Freedom of belief is important. You can believe in Santa Claus and I will respect your decision. It is your freedom. But if you try to impose your belief on me, I will say, "No thanks."
Today's science makes it possible to understand why the brain loves to believe. It is part of our imaginative brain. If you use only the rational part of your brain, then you understand, and that's what we want.
You can believe in science, and you can have a religion that is scientific. We Raelians are religious atheists. Buddhists are also religious atheists, for they acknowledge no god.
I respect every belief. A peaceful belief, such as believing we are at the center of the universe, is OK. But it is not OK if we are forced to believe in it.
Monotheistic religions are very dangerous. They seek to make the entire world Muslim or Christian, and that is dangerous. I support schools that teach all religions as part of their curriculum, along with atheism. Then people can choose what they want.
If you believe in a supernatural god who is almighty, you are in danger. Muslims are told to kill in the name of such a god.
We should censor all religious texts. The Koran is dangerous since it says Muslims should kill non-believers. There should be a UN committee to censor such books.

Science is the most beautiful expression of human genius and should be the only religion in the world.
In the past, there were magicians. When a child was sick, parents would bring it to a priest. Now they go to the hospital. That is simple. They used to pray, now they visit a doctor. Scientists save life and make people happier.

About Spirituality
What matters is to have spirituality. We are atheists but the most important part of being Raelian is that we have a spirituality.
Science without consciousness is dangerous. It leads to Hitler-like behaviors. Consciousness comes from spirituality. That's why we need science and spirituality at the same time. But spirituality can kill as is the case for the Muslim philosophy. This is why we need a spirituality that promotes Human Rights. Schools should teach Human Rights. They are the best protection for Humanity. Our philosophy puts the life of one Human Being above the life of the whole Humanity, this is the only way.
Every criminal believes he or she acts for something good. They need to be guided. So many are killing in the name of god.
If you have no god then you feel responsible for your life. You can feel connected to nature around, to the people around and to everybody and feel love, without the need of a god for that. Feeling one with everyone, that's the Raelian atheist philosophy.
Those who created us have had only one message through the millenia, 'love each other and create a peaceful world'. This message has been betrayed twice; at first by saying it was coming from a god and then by creating the Darwin/Monkey ancestor theory. It destroyed all spirituality.
'Love each other and create a peaceful world' that was and that is their message.