Abdul Rahman facing Middle Aged decisions

25 Mar, 2006
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UN should protect basic Human Rights

Obp Vineyard Abdul Rahman, an Afghan man, may face execution for converting to Christianity.
He is on trial at the moment, charged with rejecting Islam and could be executed under Sharia law unless he reconverts. The main Christian leaders of this world are using their influence to help him out, however, it seems that an overwhelming number of ordinary Afghans appear to believe Abdul Rahman deserves to be executed.

The Prophet Rael made the following comments today regarding this situation:

This is an illustration of the middle-aged level of the Muslim countries.
We must never forget that this is not something strange, unique, and far away from European mentalities. We must remember forever that it would have been exactly the same in Europe a few centuries ago when the Catholic Church was in power. Any apostate, or "infidel", or heretic would have been put to death and burned alive.
But today the modern world must protect and promote worldwide the Human Rights, which guarantee the right to convert freely to any religion or to atheism. To see this poor man defending himself by saying "I am not an infidel" shows the huge work that still has to be accomplished to promote human rights in Muslim countries. We have to remind the whole world that the Human Rights protect the right for any individual not only to convert to any religion but also to be an "infidel", or an apostate, or an atheist, or an "idolater", or a "heretic" or to blaspheme or make blasphemous cartoons.
Religious authorities have the freedom to condemn such things, but this should be completely separated from the judicial system.
The Catholic Pope can excommunicate somebody, but this has no legal or judicial implication. In the middle ages, an excommunicated person could have been put to death, but nowadays, thankfully, this is not the case anymore. The Pope can nowadays excommunicate anybody he wishes, but the excommunicated people have now the right to not care at all about it or even to be proud of being excommunicated. We have to fight worldwide not only to promote the right to convert, which is not enough, but the right to be an atheist, an apostate, an infidel, a heretic, or an idolater. Anything short of that doesn't protect the so important Human Rights.
It should be illegal for any country in the world to place any religious belief above Human rights.
To see that the United Nations Organization is willing to declare meaningless things like Human Cloning, internationally illegal and is doing nothing to declare non respects of Human Rights internationally illegal, proves how much there is still to accomplish to protect them.