A veto to let die

21 Jul, 2006
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Potential lives more important than existing ones.... unbelievable!

Clonedembryo140 Following George Bush’ veto on stem cell research federal funds, scientists may face another year before the two-thirds majority to override the president’s veto is reached, despite the fact that, according to polls, a majority of the public opinion is in favor of stem cell research. Religious conservatism strikes again! Thousands of lives who could be saved with the use of embryonic stem cells, are told that there are less important than the frozen unwanted embryos.
If a fertilization clinic was burning down and time was short, which would the rescuers save? The doctors and nurses? Or would they go to the freezer and rescue the frozen embryos? This is the fundamental question. So which is more important – the people whom we know are alive - or do we protect a blob of cells which some religions say are already human? If they chose the embryos over the doctors and nurses, they would lose their job or maybe even be punished. Rightfully so!! Politicians and religious leaders who are slowing down this fundamental research should be held accountable for these crimes against the living. We shouldn’t let them get off with an apology 200, 500, 1000, 2000 years later !!
A few years ago, the Prophet Rael suggested that all politicians who vote against science should never be allowed to use that technology for themselves or their families once it is finally developed since they retarded its progress. They or their families should not be able to use something they voted against –
Members of the Raelian Movement are actively promoting the development of science for a better life for all human beings on Earth and denounce the conservative powers dictating their fate in the name of a philosophy developed 2000 years ago and highly distorted since then. They are now also making the list of those who should be reminded of their short-sided votes and veto in the near future, to make sure they are never forgotten and are denied access to what they tried to stop.