A very Special Seminar in Las Vegas

03 Jun, 2005
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A little more than a week ago the 180 participants to the Las Vegas seminar given by the Prophet RAEL went back home after spending one of the most amazing weeks of their life.

Obp Leading Meditation  Bright Sunset A little more than a week ago the 180 participants to the Las Vegas seminar given by the Prophet RAEL went back home after spending one of the most amazing weeks of their life. 50 of them were there for the first time, and to see them slowly opening and smiling and literally beaming on the last day was a huge reward for those who organized the whole week.

But there was something more that made it special. It was the first full seminar given in the US for US people. For the first time the teachings of the Elohim through their Messenger Rael was given to those who will influence the country that influences the world. In His very unique way, full of love and humour, He guided the participants through the labirynth of their emotions, showing the benefits of choosing their life instead of having it imposed on them, choosing love instead of revenge, choosing consciousness rather than destroying their brain with stress, negative emotions or drugs.

There have been special moments as well, moments that none of the participants will ever forget.... two guided meditations in the desert by the Prophet himself, one at sunset and another at night, under the stars.

In His opening talk, RAEL introduced Infinity right away as the most important part of the Messages given by our Creators, the Elohim. It is what makes people connected to the Universe. We are one with the planets and the atoms.... this is what this seminar is about, feeling Infinity and developing your consciousness.

He certainly touched our mind with both !

One day He told us that we can generate a population of Gandhis. It is a dream, but, we, raelians, are the population who can achieve this dream !
He also encouraged us all to express our sensitivity. To be sensitive is normal, to be insensitive is to be damaged.

Among the myths to destroy, He talked about the myth of god and the myth of evolution. But for the first time, He talked also about a new myth, the myth of Mother Nature . Some people, mixing the concept of god and evolution, believe in a new concept, gaia, according to which the earth would have a consciousness.

Here is what He said, taken from notes : You saw Mother Nature in the desert, it is just sand, no consciousness, until the scientific spirit of Elohim gives conscience to the unconscious. We are matter taking conscience of itself, and this isnt thanks to Mother Nature.
Killing 100000 children with a tsunami wave, this is Mother Nature.
There is no conscience in Nature, no conscience in the sand.
Until science was developped, 9 babies out of 10 were dying. Today almost 10 out of 10 are alive.
Mother Nature is an hostile chaos, it can be an earthquake in California killing millions of people. On the opposite, science can predict it and save them. Mother Nature is death and destruction.
In the past, in the Nile Valley, thousands were dying either from flood or extreme drought. Scientists created a dam and no one dies anymore.
We are on earth to master the earth, to create an oasis in the desert. Elohim put us on earth to make it a garden.

Beauty comes from an Intelligent Design, not from Mother Nature. Beauty comes from science and so does love. Love comes from the brain of the Elohim.

More was said and shared.... If you want to know more, come and live the next seminarJ

Thank you dear Prophet for these inspiring and nurturing moments.... there are now 180 individuals spreading Your love around them, back in their hometown, and ready to come back in a years time to learn more, to feel more , to be with You... to be !