A Return to the Greek Gods – The Elohim

03 Sep, 2008
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pre-Christian beautiful values

OlympusATHENS, August, 2008 – A small but growing group of Greek Pagans are pressuring the government to allow them to worship and conduct ceremonies at several historical sites. These sites were usually originally temples dedicated to the Pagan religion but this ancient religion was outlawed by the invading Roman Empire in the 4th century. Ellinais is an Athens-based religious group that recently won a court battle for state recognition of this ancient religion. The group is now demanding the government allow it to perform
weddings and other rites.

Rael commented: “A great return to the pre-Christian beautiful values of the Greek "gods" who in fact were the Elohim. If the government keeps unlawfully denying freedom (human rights) to these people, denying them the right to use their historic sites, they should at least build a new modern temple and museum denouncing the crimes and destructions of the Christianization and Roman colonialism and promoting the Greek people to return to their pre-colonial religion”.

The Greek Culture Ministry had criminalized ceremonies of any sort at archeological sites. But in January, the pagan revivalists used a 2nd century A.D. temple of Zeus in Athens to stage the first known ceremony of its kind in 1,600
years. Four other such ceremonies followed since then.

A little note on something Rael said here that is interesting: The Greek, the Sumerian, Babylonian, the Norse, Native American, Indian (Hindu), South American and many, many other cultures told of the gods – always plural. In fact, monotheism was the end of the recognition of the true Creators in trade for a singular “one true” God since this would facilitate easier rule over populations. Even the original Bible referred to the plurality of the Creators by using the word “Elohim”. (Eloha being the singular) “On the first day Elohim…on the second day Elohim…let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” The Roman colonizers eventually figured out that it would be much easier to rule with a “one true” state religion than tolerating other religions – at the cost of the truth.