90 years of American Activism in the face of Government Oppression

22 Jun, 2008
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Human Rights : use'em or lose'em

https://raelnews.org/e107_images/newspost_images/1175_1212830170_[b]90 An alarming yet touching book has just been published by the title “We Shall Be Heard” . This book recounts the stories of over 90 people from 1919 to today all of whom decided to stand up against the US government who was trying to diminish or remove their civil rights. Bud and Ruth Schultz wrote this book after 25 years of interviewing these very brave people. Their struggles were very difficult. Called traitors, unpatriotic, racial slurs, put in jail for speaking out against war among other things, these people are among those Americans can thank for the remaining freedoms they enjoy.

The Prophet Rael was touched by these peoples’ stories and said “…if the US media honestly supports freedom as they like to tout, they must all promote this book. If they don’t, they are either cowards or accomplices of these crimes - like those who didn't question the Iraq illegal invasion.” Weshallbeheard

The USA is famous for its stance on civil rights but, as in any country, those rights are always, always in danger of being taken away. This has never been more true than now with illegal wire tapping, the FBI able to search library records, the Bush administration getting away with leaking the identity of a CIA agent and dozens of other things which have been allowed to take place by the Bush administration.

Wherever you live, whatever rights you have, use ’em or lose ‘em.