Stay healthy, be happy…

28 Apr, 2005
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First scientific demonstration of how positive emotions can affect our health

Lisa Happy Face A study from Marmot and colleagues, published this week in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, shows that people who are happier in their daily lives have healthier levels of key body chemicals and are more likely to live longer. These researchers from the University College London, UK, have linked everyday happiness with healthier (lower) levels of the stress
hormone cortisol (linked to diabete and hypertension) and lower levels of a blood protein called fibrinogen (linked to coronary heart disease problems).
This is the first scientific demonstration of how positive emotions can affect our health as stated in Rael’s book “ the sensual meditation” published in 1975.
Raelians are often calling Rael the Prophet of happiness as he always starts his teaching by telling us “ I want you to be happy”. During the awakening seminars, he trains the participants to remove every trace of negativity from their brain, given them the appropriate tools to do so as he recons the chemicals generated when one is under stress, anger, sadness or any other negative emotions, are responsible for most of the diseases and for premature death. After 30 years of teaching, the testimonies of people who have been healthier thanks to what they learned with him are numerous and could be a nice addition to the recent publication.
Rael reminds us always that there is nothing mystical in anything happening to us. We are responsible for whatever happens to us, we are responsible for our happiness and therefore responsible for our health. If you want to experience this new approach on how to live a healthy happy life, you may follow his next teachings in Las Vegas from May 14th to May 22nd.