Remains of our Creators in Indonesia

05 Mar, 2005
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The Hobbit

Skull The famous skeleton unearthed in Indonesia last year that was nicknamed the "Hobbit" is at the center of a controversy. Some scientists think the tiny female belongs to a modern human pygmy with a brain disease. However a detailed examination of the creatures braincase, published in Science magazine, supports the idea it is a new, dwarf species of human.
The authors say that it has some very advanced features that harken towards modern humans. Those features are at the frontal lobe, the temporal lobes at the sides and at the back of the brain.
This description of a small human being with advanced brain features living 15000 years ago on this planet also fits the description of our Creators.
Here is what the Prophet Rael mentioned about this news piece: Homo floresiensis...what a cute name for what can be the remains of one of the Elohim... maybe one of those who were condemned to live in exile on earth?
For more info on this part of our history, confirmed by scientific evidences every day, you may read the book, downloadable for free on this site.
Image description :Skull of "hobbit" containing red virtual endocast. Image: Kirk E. Smith, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology of Washington University