Celebration in Los Angeles

06 Apr, 2005
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The Prophet Rael meets with local raelians gathered in southern LA

Raelasiaseminar59ah The Prophet Rael has arrived a few days ago in Los Angeles, California, where He will meet with several local celebrities who have expressed the wish to meet with Him.
But His first visit was for the local raelians. More than 40 of them were gathered on a private beach in Southern LA to celebrate with Him the first Sunday of April ( one of the four raelian celebration days )
Here is an excerpt of what He said:
This is the first time that I fall in love with a scenery. This area reminds me a little bit of the planet of the Elohim, just a little bit. It is very similar to the French Riviera. You are very lucky to live here, you have everything, the ocean, the hills, the trees, I love trees… We should admire this as this the Elohim’s creation and this is the image of how the whole planet should be if there was no wars no violence, no borders, no separation…


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