Depopulization - Cruel or Humane?

02 Dec, 2008
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Big FamilyA very interesting article was just published on how (and most importantly, why) many countries and individuals throughout the last two centuries have decided to tackle the problem of overpopulation. What is interesting about the article is not so much the facts, but the authors choice of which facts to report regarding the topic of overpopulation. He presents only the worst, scariest, most inhumane chapters is humanity’s recent history, citing stories of eugenics, the Nazi “final solution”, the US sterilizing retarded people as well as Native American women and Blacks, etc. (and I do mean etc!) His main premise seems to be that all attempts at diminishing the world population originate from malevolent intent. One of his opening statements is “Eugenics, from its beginning, was encouraged and financed by the rich self-styled "aristocrats" of the day.”

Going much further, Keith cites example after example of sterilization and genocide – seemingly all in order to make the case that encouraging less children is somehow a part of a conspiracy by more dark “illumanati” figures who are pulling the world’s political and power strings in order to further their own private agenda. He even quotes a US educator’s remarks on the mechanisms of repopulation. ”Social machinery to suppress proliferation of systematic families... has two components: one, a campaign aimed at family-formation before it commences, employing such tactics as encouragement of personal greed (best enjoyed in bachelor style, of course), public pornographic celebrations of the body parts of nubile young woman, effortless divorce, mass adoption, tolerance of sexual ambiguity, and many similar tactics. The second component aims at producing pseudo-families: small households (whether biological or synthetic) without any overriding loyalty to the common family cause. Instead, these are associations of expedience wearing the costume of affection and concern, but always on the lookout for a better deal... During the childhood phase, parents in pseudo-families are made use of by the state to transmit certain values, to maintain and discipline a new serf class composed of their own children, and to report radical cases of deviance to medical, police and re-training authorities... It is a system infused in many places with such black genius in understanding crowd control it is hard not to stand in awe of its unseen architects.”

There are well over a dozen examples used by the author to make his case that ANY type of campaign to decrease the world population will inherently have sinister motives.

The Prophet Rael commented briefly on this very long excerpt from Keith's book: “…this is more of the same anti-globalization fanaticism, here obviously promoted specifically by traditional monotheistic religions (or an author stuck in that mindset), afraid to lose their power and preferring to continue to promote families making as many children as possible in an overpopulation trend which is criminal.”

Yes! It is infinitely preferable to have fewer children so that those born into the world are better cared for, more loved, better fed than to continue to unconsciously continue to pump out children – most of whom will live a short life full of suffering and starvation.

And did you notice, in the above quote, how everything cited as "bad" was only bad according to a traditional monotheistic value system? Marriage, family = good. Bachelor = bad. (and so on)

In other words, the whole article is put together in such a way to make the reader think that any attempt at curbing population growth is horrible.

We should always look at anything we read from a step back and ask ourselves if what we are reading truly presents a valid point or if we’re being taken for a ride – being manipulated into an assumption we may not agree with if we had more information.

For the record, we would like to be very clear on something. In no way are we condoning any of the many examples of treacherous acts carried out by certain governments, psychiatrists and other “professionals” which harmed anyone. These acts were very wrong. Compassion must be applied to all people. From a Raelian perspective, such an article maintains no compassion at all for the millions of children who will be born into poverty, hunger, disease. Such ideas have only one purpose – to maintain past traditions.

As the Prophet Rael commented, it’s no surprise that the article referred to here is actually an excerpt from Keith’s book on conspiracy and world domination. We see a lot of conspiracy theories whenever there are people wanting answers for huge problems as well as the trend to pin the responsibility for one thing or another onto some mysterious group of old, rich men sitting around discussing what they will make the world do as if it were some sort of chess game.

We feel it necessary here to repeat Rael’s words on the red hot topic of globalization and one world government. Globalization is not something to be feared. A Global Government is actually quite necessary if we are to survive the next couple of decades as humanity. See Rael’s words of this here: There are also other comments from Rael regarding similar conspiracy theories on this site. It’s important to see these for what they are – people trying to maintain the past instead of building the future in a way to evolve away from our primitive past!

We have more to fear from the past than from the future – unless we base the future on the past.

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