Human Smoke - Nicholson Baker Book on WWII

22 Jun, 2008
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We like that controversy

Humansmoke Nicholson Baker is a U.S. novelist and has just released a nonfiction work titled "Human Smoke" (referring to the crematoriums on the concentration camps) which questions the moral justification of the one war which even many war critics feel was justified. The heated debate has started while readers follow how Baker indicates that Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt share blame with Adolf Hitler in setting the stage for the deadliest and most destructive war in history. Baker proposed "If this is the war that everyone holds up as the benchmark of a morally justified war, let's look very closely at how it began, let's find out what happened, in what order and where the moments were that things could have turned out differently.”

Raelians would agree. If we are to learn from the past this should be done very carefully.
Over the years of his research, Baker discovered a succession of newspaper articles which he placed in chronological order which have ended up painting a very different picture of the world stage in the years leading up to the war than what is taught in any school history class. Among other things, he contends that Churchill responded to Hitler's attacks on Poland and other neighboring states by launching a relentless bombing campaign against German cities as well as a blockade that was designed to starve the enemy into submission. (That sounds like the first Iraq war, doesn’t it? It didn’t work then, either. It only made innocent people suffer)

Baker also said in an interview that “Churchill was acting like a bloodthirsty maniac during that period and that this fact should go back on the record in all its unpleasantness. We can't learn from a hero like that. It's a mistake to say that because Hitler was bad, we have to clean up the image of Churchill. Churchill was also bad".

Rael was very happy to see the release of this book and said it was fantastic and courageous to publish it. He commented that the same exact thing applies to the US blockade of Japanese oil which led to Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima.”


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