Continued Religious Intolerance despite Supreme Court Ruling

04 Jun, 2008
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hopefully not for long

Fdls There is a follow up to a story we recently posted here about the polygamist Mormon group in Texas, USA. As you read in our earlier article, the state’s Supreme Court ruled that the state’s agents had no right to remove the children from their homes as was done. It was a huge victory for religious freedom, which is guaranteed by the famous US Constitution.

Now, however, the judge in a smaller court has placed restrictions on the return of these children who have been separated from their families for over 2 months. This judge is insisting that the 38 mothers take parenting classes.

RAEL commented right away: “This is yet another unlawful decision which amounts to more religious discrimination by a small local judge. I hope the FLDS group will appeal to the Supreme Court as they did the last case - which will certainly also declare these restrictions illegal. After that, I hope they sue the state of Texas for these violations against their fundamental civil rights.”

In our first article after the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of the group, we said that religious freedom is always in danger of being lost – even in places like the USA. This biased ruling proves it so and this smaller court is making the same mistake which was overruled only a few days ago by the highest court in the state.

How would any of us feel if our child was taken away simply because we had a different religious belief than most people in the region we live? How would any parent feel if they were told that they cannot have their children back unless they attend a class on how someone else thinks they should raise a child? :-(


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