Rael supports President Mugabe

07 May, 2007
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He should debaptize from colonizer's religion

Mugabe Rael’s mission takes different shade depending on what continent he is focusing on. While from the start, Rael has asked Raelians to stay out of politics, giving their support to those who are in favor of Geniocracy, once they happen, but he made it clear that our mission of information and of promoting love and absolute non-violence is already quite enough… except in Africa. Africa has been a tortured continent, under colonization for so long and depleted from its ground and human resources. Our Creators have given Rael an obviously different task regarding this continent and this was revealed 3 years ago when in Ghana, he encouraged African Raelians to be involved in politics. Already several of them are at the highest levels of the administration in some countries. 2 years ago in Brazzaville he called for the creation of the United Kingdom of Kama, Kama being the original name of Africa as Africa was a name given by the colonizers to the continent… Kama refers to the black coloring of the inhabitants, a color they should be proud of, a culture they should be proud of and defend! We will keep you posted regularly on the different actions of the Kama Raelians to have the Kings of the continent meet soon to organize the UK of Kama…
Amongst the highly criticized figures in Africa is one that Rael has supported all along as he is by far the one who has decided to defend the African culture and rights against the colonizers the most, I am talking about President Mugabe.
Recently President Mugabe decided to create a new radio station in order to counter the Western media that are, according to them, organizing propaganda against him. “We are under siege, bombarded by western media programs” has denounced the minister of Information, Sikhanyiso Ndlovu.

Rael made the following comments regarding this action:

This is another admirable decision of Robert Mugabe. ...


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