The planet needs more Gandhis and no more Bush

08 Feb, 2007
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it will take several generations to repair

Iraq Democrats from the US House of Representatives oppose President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq. In a recent speech US President George W Bush had told his Democratic opponents that he welcomes debate on the Iraq war saying that they share a common goal that is to keep America safe.

RAEL made the following statement regarding this speech:

"So Bush wants to keep America safe? Illegal invasions and occupations of other countries do exactly the opposite. Now, thanks to Bush, the USA have a very strict border control and home security they doubt so much the efficiency of this system which was used to reduce dramatically the freedom of US citizens to the point where they also need to illegally invade and occupy other countries ?
All of this started with the attacks of September 11. It’s always necessary to remember clearly what happened on this dramatic day of 2001 to fully understand the problem: a handful of terrorists used cutters to take control of airliners and crash them into the twin towers which then collapsed. That was not a foreign country attack by a hostile army. Just less than 10 people with cutters... And for that, reacting only with pure negative emotions out of vengeance and absolutely no rationality, Georges Bush decided to use the huge American military power to attack and occupy illegally Afghanistan, which army and government was never involved in the twin towers’ attacks, then Iraq, lying by claiming that this country had "weapons of mass destruction".
All of this to allegedly "make America and the middle east safer"...


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