Pleasure is the very reason for our existence

24 Nov, 2006
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Inhibition of sex leads to violence

Sex Japan 02 Rn We all recently heard the story of Ted Haggard, yet another Christian Evangelist who was exposed for saying one thing while doing another. While he preached eternal damnation for homosexuality, he was exposed by a male prostitute for paying for homosexual sex and doing meth amphetamines. A few years back, Jim Baker was caught paying for sex while preaching to millions that sex was evil, dirty or shameful. Maybe saddest of all are the thousands of reports of pedophilia among clergy. And these are only the stories that surface. 

The Raelian philosophy gives an easy solution to these problems: sensual and sexual pleasures are among our main sources for blossoming and everyone should practice them freely as long as it doesn’t harm anyone and it is done by adults, with consenting adults. We should each follow that which is pleasurable and ignore the teachings of the institutions which have grossly distorted and even often contradicted what Jesus taught.

This “pleasure principle” is written in us on the most basic biological level. Second only to the “survival program”, sex is the strongest need which every living thing lives for. To repress this desire, this energy, this program in each of us will cause both emotional and physical damages. One does not need to look far for the proof. Wherever there is a culture which abhors sex or considers it shameful, sinful or dirty, one will also find more violence. In the Japanese culture where sex has no taboo and is celebrated freely (see the picture of a young girl in a Japanese festival) one counts 1.4 rape per 100,000 inhabitants. In the USA where an image of partially nude breast at primetime on the television screens is a scandal, one counts 374 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants. The old “Make Love Not War” really holds true!

So when a Priest, an Evangelist or even the average follower of the teachings of Western religion has been taught one thing but their body tells them another thing, the body often wins. And nothing could be more natural.


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