Prophet Rael with Raelians in Miami

23 Feb, 2006
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We are one "human body Humanity"

Miami Gathering Two weeks ago at a Sunday monthly gathering in Miami, the Prophet Rael met with the local members and spent an hour with them after meditation.
Here is what he told them, taken from notes…. You can also listen to him on

"I hope this meditation helped you to feel as one as there are no borders between your legs and your sex, between your arms and your torso. The Humanity is like a human body and they are trying to separate its arm from its body… “Let’s destroy the right foot, let’s send an atomic bomb on the sex”. If a human being was doing that to himself, he would be declared insane.
In the universe there are an infinite number of intelligent civilizations on planets like ours. Looking from the sky, there are no borders. We have to destroy the separations. We are one “human body humanity”.
They don’t visit us often and there is a reason.
Imagine that you live in a harmonious place that could be America for example and there is a state full of violence, let’s say it is Afghanistan. Will you go and visit Afghanistan? The other advanced civilizations of the universe see us as Americans see Afghanistan.


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