We must prevent a return to the Middle Age

06 Feb, 2006
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and protect Western values and fundamental rights

Obp Lv 59 Today's statement of the Prophet Rael:
"The recent events which followed the publication of caricatures of Mohamed in a Danish paper, with the burning of embassies in Arab countries, death threats against the caricaturists and journalists, etc, indicate the extent of the danger that the basic fundamental freedom in the West is in. However we mustn’t forget that this freedom was only acquired after many years of struggle against the dominant religion of Christianity. Though today, anyone can caricature Jesus, god or the pope in modern countries without any danger, only a few hundred years ago anyone daring such a thing would have risked being burned alive at the stake.

The Muslim world still lives in a medieval culture where any lack of respect, even humorous, against religion is not tolerated.

That these countries don’t respect human rights on their own territory and freedom of expression in their own papers is condemnable, and even though we should struggle to help improve this situation, that is their own internal problem.


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