Mohamed, Dieudonne and the Freedom of Expression

04 Feb, 2006
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Tolerance cannot be one-way

Dieudonn The following is a statement made by the Prophet Rael today.
The French press, dragged along by the newspaper "France Soir", admirably resumed and published the caricatures of the Prophet Mohamed in the name of freedom of expression and the vast majority of the French, as well as the French government, supported that, rightly. But when "Dieudonné" the famous French stand-up comedian, allowed himself not so long ago, to caricature on television a Jewish Zionist fanatic claiming to be part of "the axis of good United-States -Israel", the same press unanimously condemned the humorist, some legal proceeding were set in motion against him, (he was fortunately exonerated), his shows were boycotted or cancelled, and he was even the victim of physical aggressions.

Why such a double standard? If it is true that a modern and secular society must respect the freedom of expression of the media and artists to caricature absolutely everything without any limit, as long as there is no message of physical incentive to violence or to hatred, then why is it that, what applies to Mohamed, would not apply to the Jew Zionist fanatics? Why does the French press suddenly unanimously enthusiast for the defense of the freedom of expression when the subject of caricatures is an Arab and Muslim prophet, and condemns with the same unanimity some time before, another caricaturist having for target the fanatic Jew Zionist? The ones could be thus caricatured at will and the others absolutely untouchable?


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