France setting example

01 Feb, 2006
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Militaries have the right to refuse an order

Military Refusing The French army has just modified its rules. It is now the duty of the militaries to refuse an order when this order implies an illegal act. This has been officially published in the official army rule bulletin in December. It is said that if a military does the illegal act, it will be his responsibility…. Finally!!!! No more hiding behind orders!!!!
The Prophet RAEL who has been asking for this rule for so long issued the following comment:
Wow! France being an example for the world! It has been a long time since we didn't see such a wonderful thing! That's exactly what the Elohim teach us: that the one pulling the trigger is as responsible as the one giving the order. All countries, starting with the US armies, should apply the same rule...That's how crimes against humanity or genocides can be avoided. Now all militaries can use their consciousness to decide if what their officers are ordering them is legal or not, and if it is not, have the right to refuse to obey...what a revolution! The militaries will have to include in their training the ability to use their consciousness and learn international laws protecting civilians...What a wonderful day! I can't wait to see the US marines applying the same rules.


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