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A peaceful vigil in support of indigenous women

November 25 was designated the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”, as proclaimed by the UN in 1999. Each year, governments, international organizations and NGOs are invited to organize activities to raise public awareness. The Raelians in Canada joined this mobilization following the recent events of violence and discrimination that occurred at the expense of indigenous women of Val d’Or, in Quebec (Canada).

Circle of PEACE, Carre Phillips, downtown Montreal

Rodolf Samson, organizer and spokesperson for the Raelian values towards Aboriginal communities addressed the group: “There is a comeback of the First Nations people in a move to defend their rights. Aboriginal people are at the same level as Canadians in all respects as they are part of the solution in the sense that they have much to teach us in terms of values of respect for themselves, for life, for nature.”

Rodolf Samson, spokesperson for the Raelian values towards Aboriginal communities

A meditation for peace was guided by O’rev Rhodet emphasizing on the great responsibility everyone has in giving and spreading love to close and distant people. “Through positive thinking and meditation, please take time to send your love to those who suffer and experience war, disease, injustice and violence. The power of our meditation crosses borders and spreads the good in everyone’s mind… “ said O’rev in the opening of this meditation.

In this beautiful and inspiring evening every participant took place in a circle symbolizing unity. In a very solemn atmosphere everyone held a candle to show support and compassion for women victims of violence; and especially First Nations women.

Meditation for Peace and Love makes the difference!


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