Meditation lowers blood pressure

03 Mar, 2005
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Science proves Rael's teachings

Rl Aug 6 59 A new study on the effect of meditation on blood pressure will be presented during the 63rd Annual Scientific Conference of the American Psychosomatic Society held March 2-5 in Vancouver. The author, Dr. Barnes, and his colleagues from the Medical College of Georgia's Georgia Prevention Institute focused on 111 adolescents, 57 who meditated and 54 controls. They found among the meditators an increased ability of the blood vessel lining to relax, after 8 months practice. After 4 months practice no significant difference could be noticed between the meditators and the controls showing the necessity to practice meditation for a while before getting noticeable results.
This is exactly what the Prophet Rael has been teaching for the past 30 years. In December 1973, he was given by our Creators, the tools to live better on this planet, on an individual basis and on a collective one. Patiently He has been explaining these tools to those coming to His yearly teachings on each continent and the raelians can testify how significant the practice of meditation has been on their life balance. Today scientific publications are providing evidence of every one of his announcements. The next seminars given by the Prophet Rael will be in Las Vegas from May 14th to May 22nd. If you want to listen to the source, it is easy�.register online at