California judge backs gay and lesbian unions

16 Mar, 2005
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Our support to San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer

Gay Pride Sydney 57 San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer has ruled that a law banning gay marriage in the state is unconstitutional and said that the state had no rational reason for limiting marriage to a man and a woman.

We have to remember that last year, California's Supreme Court annulled 4,000 gay marriages, which had taken place in defiance of state law.
The Prophet Rael expressed today his support and admiration to Richard Kramer for his courageous and right decision.

The raelian philosophy is against the act of marriage the way it is performed in our society as it is equivalent to an act of property and no one can be the property of anybody. Every individual should be free to live with whom he or she wants to, as long as he or she wants to. This is what is expressed to raelians who want to get married by a raelian guide-priest : may you both be happy together, as long as you please, whether it is for a night, a month or all your life, but remember to part before you start to hate each other and live in a disharmonious environment.
But despite the fact we dont feel that individuals should get married the way it is organized today in our society, we strongly believe that the same rights should be given to those who wish to do it, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual.