America's brain drain

A trend to encourage

A deformed baby develops to term

would an almighty god let it happen?

Stay healthy, be happy

First scientific demonstration of how positive emotions can affect our health

Swaziland king criticized for latest purchase

Isnt it a double standard considering the wealth of the Vatican?

Smoke signals, a modern communication tool?

Media are so happy to report it at length

Hope for the Creationism theory thanks to the Genographic project

Can the geographical genetic differences be explained by random mutations?

Rael meets Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion

The stimulating conversations by the pool, the visit of the private zoo of the mansion....

Brain and matter

Society catching up with the Elohim's technology.

Celebration in Los Angeles

The Prophet Rael meets with local raelians gathered in southern LA

The Ultimate Hypocrisy

The Pope has used every possible medical resource to survive despite a long tradition od condemning medecine