RAEL's addendum to article on bulldozing in Palestine

Was the destruction requested by Palestinians?

The UN must be replaced by a neutral organization

Each nation should be entitled to a vote proportional to its population

Global Pollution Index to be Launched by RAEL at Convention in Switzerland

a working model for a Global Pollution Rating system which labels all products and services for their pollution impact

Rael meets Shoukichi Kina in Tokyo

A peace concert scheduled in Hiroshima in August next year

Rael's Prayer For George Bush

Instead of attacking, he should declare a national day of prayer

Why is Israel Bulldozing Houses ?

Try to imagine all houses left intact with a message of love ...

Ninety nine people killed in Baghdad

Western media are still debatring on THE London bombing

The Raelian Movement Names Rosie O Donnell as an Honorary Guide

Rael said: "I would be honored to perform the wedding ceremony for Miss O'Donnell

Dr. Venter is moving from reading the genetic code to writing it.

This is level 1 of the elohimization process announced by RAEL 32 years ago!

About Social Conformity

What Other People Say May Change What You See